I've been in the real estate industry for 41+ years and have seen a lot of changes.  Technology wasn't much of an issue in the 1970's like it is today.  I remember carbon paper for making multiple original copies and a thermal paper terminal that printed out listing information.  And, we didn't know any better.  We thought we had all the tools we needed.

Today, I look back at when I started in the business and am thankful for the many technology tools we have compared to the "good ole days".  Actually, we're living in the GOOD OLE DAYS.  I've literally experienced the many offerings in the different organizations and have come to the conclusion that every real estate office has it's strengths and weaknesses.  I researched different companies with some in the CLOUD, some are based on PROFIT SHARING, others have boutique shopping while others are just old fashioned.  And then, there's EXIT Realty.

EXIT Realty is my kind of company!  It has combined features and choices such as a brick and mortar office, family friendly atmosphere, team environment, great local support as well as corporate support, technology at the highest level, training that is unmatched and the option of earning more than you can imagine with multiple streams of revenue.  Listing commissions, selling commissions and yes a residual income unmatched by no other real estate company in the industry.  The residual income can even be extended to retiring agents/brokers after one decides to retire or in the case of extending it to family member or one that is a designated beneficiary.  

WOW!  Let's face it.  I don't know of anyone else that's been around in almost all of the other organizations that can first hand tell you about this wonderful opportunity that I have here at EXIT Realty and the best part, it can be for you too no matter where you're at in your Real Estate Career.  I kept looking for a place to finish out my career and actually have a residual income if I decide to retire or leave a financial legacy for my wife and family.

You should contact me ASAP to find out more about this opportunity to prepare for your Careers in Real Estate.  Call me at 214-223-5795 or just simply click here.